Energy Efficient Office Space: Is It Time To Make The Move?

Instead of spending another year in the office space that you have been complaining about, make the move towards finding office space that is better suited to your business and its needs. Better yet, take a step in the money saving, energy efficient direction. Our years of experience in the property and office space industry, […]

How does business location affect your company in the long run?

Business location is one of the most important factors that businesses need to consider when thinking about the success of their company. Whether your business is expanding, relocating or just starting out, looking for new office space gives businesses the opportunity to find an area that not only compliments their brand but offers various long […]

Commercial Energy Efficiency: what are you doing to contribute?

It simply makes sense, that the place in which people spend the majority of their day – the workplace – engages with energy efficiency as well as possible. Going green is as important as ever. Ignoring its growing presence will not bode well with not only your business’s employees but your clients too. Commercial energy […]

Office Branding Ideas for Businesses Renting and Buying

Office branding has become a popular and important part of office space design. For many businesses, the office sees a lot of traffic coming in and out daily. For this exact reason, an office becomes the face of the business and perhaps even the brand. There are thousands of businesses that take office branding to […]

Green office space starts with a Green Brand

At Bryden’s Group we take energy efficiency very seriously and that’s why we offer office space in green buildings.Our green buildings are designed to reduce the overall impact on human health and the natural environment by: Efficiently using energy, water, and other resources Protecting occupant health and improving employee productivity Reducing waste, pollution and environmental […]

Office space: renting vs. buying in Johannesburg

For many business owners, the question of whether to buy property or to simply rent office space can be tricky, especially when it is in Johannesburg. There are many factors to consider when contending between renting or buying office space. Benefits of renting office space in Johannesburg Flexibility: When the lease is up, you can […]

Rent office space instead of buying

Sometimes to rent office space for commercial or industrial purposes makes more financial sense especially if you don’t intend on staying there for more than a couple of years. In these unpredictable financial times to rent office space is probably your best and safest bet. Buying commercial property is not always the best financial choice […]

Green office space in Johannesburg

Most businesses have a negative impact on their environment as a result of their operations. Renting greener office space can change all that. Finding an office space to run your business from is probably easy but finding one that’s energy efficient and friendly to the environment in the way it operates is probably not such […]

Green Building retrofitting; installations for new tenants

Often when tenants move into a new office space, they require certain things to be changed, upgraded etc. to best suit their needs. Tenant installations are a common occurrence within the office space rental industry. However with Green Buildings becoming more popular in South Africa, Property Development Companies are steering their services towards energy efficient […]

Green Building office space; be productively energy efficient

As developed countries have started exploring and experiencing Green Buildings, developing countries and South Africa in particular have too realised the positive effect that they have on the environment as well as businesses themselves. Following the international trend, South Africa has very quickly adopted the Green Attitude that has been a reality for countries like […]