Finding office space in your area

Location is more often than not one of the most important aspects to consider when looking for any sort of property. Finding office space that will represent a business brand and still offer a company exactly what they require; can be difficult. Office location can severely affect any company, either positively or negatively. Finding office […]

Office space in Johannesburg; business location and benefits

There is no doubt that Johannesburg is the business centre of South Africa. 74% of South African businesses have headquarters in Johannesburg. There are a number of reasons for this. Johannesburg is the most powerful commercial centre in Africa Johannesburg generates 16% of South Africa’s wealth Johannesburg employs 12% of South Africa’s workforce Many major […]

Business location in prime areas and why it is beneficial

When looking at the components of a successful company, many businesses may overlook property as being an important factor. Business location offers companies a variety of benefits, one of them being the contribution to the success of a company. When looking for office location it is important to ensure that the area and all that […]

Office space around Jo’burg; self contained in prime location

Office space is an important part of any business. It offers a company a home base in which to not only operate from but to represent a brand from too. An office space should be a comfortable space that allows employees to work efficiently and clients to feel comfortable. With 1 Billion Rands worth of […]

How business location affects your Brand

Business location is one of the most important factors that businesses need to consider when thinking about the success of their company. Whether your business is expanding, relocating or just starting out, looking for new office space gives businesses the opportunity to find an area that not only compliments their brand but offers various long […]

Energy efficiency in office space around your area

What could be better than having office space close to home? Well having energy efficient office space certainly makes a difference not only to the environment, but to your company’s bank account too. It’s no secret that energy efficiency is top- of – mind for most construction companies these days however it has become more […]