Office space in Johannesburg: the benefits of buying

Many business owners prefer the idea of owning office space instead of renting. If this is an option, financially, then it’s a great option to have. With Johannesburg being the business hub of South Africa, office space is a great investment to make. Finding the right office space location in Johannesburg can benefit not only […]

The Growth of Commercial Property in Johannesburg

In 2012, a statement issued by investment data bank IPD stated that Johannesburg’s commercial property market had beaten premium cities across the world over the last decade. In the last year, commercial property in Johannesburg has stuck to this pattern with regards to its capital appreciation terms. Commercial propoerty is a key measure of economic […]

Commercial Property for Sale in Johannesburg

At Brydens Group, we are focused on being a Property Development Company that specialises in commercial, industrial and retail developments within South Africa. When it comes to buying commercial property, there are a number of aspects that need to be thought through carefully, such as: Location Road access Surrounding areas Size of office space Specialists […]

New Office Space Development in Bryanston, Gauteng

Bryanston: Beneficial to Businesses Bryanston offers tenants a well-established infrastructure unit, along with easy access from Sandton and both the northern and western suburbs. Many blue chip corporates have recognised Bryanston as a prime business node in which to occupy office space. Advantages of Bryanston as a Business Node The upgrade and widening of the […]

5 Reasons to Relocate Office Space

Have you been thinking about relocating office space? Picking up and moving business locations might sound like a lot of hassle, but it might just be more beneficial for your business in the long run. Is your current office space impacting the productivity of your company? Lowering profits? Decreasing the image of your company’s brand? […]

The Link Between Office Space and Business Branding

Choosing an office space is a risky business in itself. Your offices play a direct role in the way your brand will be perceived to the public. Precise planning and research is imperative to finding the correct demographic for your business. Most businesses choose locations that provide exposure to customers. Additionally, there are many other […]

Office Space Highlights in Johannesburg

When it comes to looking for office space, every business has a different requirement. Buying and renting office space both entail very different aspects and depending on what the business is looking for, renting or buying each have their respective benefits. Brydens Group offers various types and sizes of green properties both for sale and […]

Johannesburg’s Prime Business Location in Sandton

When it comes to business, image is everything. That’s why business owners are looking into office location in prime business zones. Brydens Group Properties offers leading location office space around Johannesburg. More localised to ideal business locations, Brydens Group offers office space in Sandton. Property Development in Sandton The property group offers 6 Sandton office […]

Energy Efficient Office Space: Is It Time To Make The Move?

Instead of spending another year in the office space that you have been complaining about, make the move towards finding office space that is better suited to your business and its needs. Better yet, take a step in the money saving, energy efficient direction. Our years of experience in the property and office space industry, […]

How does business location affect your company in the long run?

Business location is one of the most important factors that businesses need to consider when thinking about the success of their company. Whether your business is expanding, relocating or just starting out, looking for new office space gives businesses the opportunity to find an area that not only compliments their brand but offers various long […]