Energy Efficient Office Space: Is It Time To Make The Move?

Instead of spending another year in the office space that you have been complaining about, make the move towards finding office space that is better suited to your business and its needs. Better yet, take a step in the money saving, energy efficient direction.

Our years of experience in the property and office space industry, has resulted in us being a highly focused property development company, focusing all efforts within the Gauteng and Pretoria areas.

With office space to rent as well and to buy in various areas around the Highveld, Brydens Group focuses on energy saving office solutions that provide exactly what clients are looking for. All property that we build is to the standards of the Green Building Council of South Africa.

What Classifies a Building as Energy Efficient?

There are various things that can be done to enhance the energy efficiency of a building. Known as retrofitting, this process involveschanging and in many cases upgrading various elements of the building. Various electrical components of a building consume varying amounts of electricity.

  • Lighting (10%)
  • Air Conditioning (60%)
  • Geysers, Computers, small power (30%)

Retrofitting allows us to replace current solutions with energy efficient alternatives, in turn reducing overall electrical consumption.

Building Energy Efficient Office Space

In South Africa, building companies and architects are becoming more responsible than ever for producing energy efficient office space and buildings. All inputs to the building need to be energy efficient. This requires using renewable materials and ensuring that it meets the standards set out by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

  • Recycled concrete
  • Recycled steel
  • Located close to public transport
  • Located close to open spaces

With energy efficiency turning heads more and more in South Africa, companies are beginning to understand the benefits of occupying such property. Contrary to popular belief, green office space is not more expensive to rent or buy. Being more of an attractive prospect to businesses, energy efficient office space offers businesses:

  • Reduced electricity costs
  • Marketing opportunities
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced carbon footprint
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