Green Building retrofitting; installations for new tenants

Often when tenants move into a new office space, they require certain things to be changed, upgraded etc. to best suit their needs. Tenant installations are a common occurrence within the office space rental industry. However with Green Buildings becoming more popular in South Africa, Property Development Companies are steering their services towards energy efficient solutions.

Specialising in office space rental and purchase, Brydens Group is a Property Development Company focusing on successful business locations in Johannesburg. Keeping energy efficiency and Green Buildings at the core of the business, Brydens Group spesialise in Commercial, Industrial and Retail developments.

Tenant installations can range from anything between layout and paint colour to light fittings. No matter the request, Brydens Group will ensure that all installations and changes support the Green Building characteristics.

What determines whether a building is Green?

An energy efficient building is one that has been designed or is altered to save on electricity. The higher the star rating of the Green Building, the more energy efficient materials and methods are used across the entire building.

Retrofitting, as tenant installations can also be referred to as, is the process of examining an office space or entire building and evaluating it against energy efficient requirements. When new tenants have specific requirements before moving into an office space (for example) Brydens Group ensure that any changes are supportive of treading lightly on the environment.

Using environmentally friendly technology, better quality windows that let more natural light into the building and energy efficient geysers and air conditioning, Brydens Group is able to retrofit any building. Should there be a request by new tenants to renovate parts of the building or office, Brydens Group ensures that only renewable steel, concrete and other materials are used.

Retrofitting or completing tenant installations is a common occurrence within the industry. Businesses need to ensure that the space they are renting and ultimately using as the home base of their brand is right for them and what they represent.

It is Brydens Group’s responsibility to ensure that all this is done in favour of Green Buildings. Not only does this assist companies in reducing their carbon footprint but Green Buildings provide positive marketing for the business.


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