Office Branding Ideas for Businesses Renting and Buying

Office branding has become a popular and important part of office space design. For many businesses, the office sees a lot of traffic coming in and out daily. For this exact reason, an office becomes the face of the business and perhaps even the brand. There are thousands of businesses that take office branding to the next level, Google being one of them. Office branding however does not need to break the bank, nor does it need to be extravagant.

Whether your business sells a service, a product or both, office branding offers a host of benefits to the business brand.

  • Brand recognition
  • Image of brand size
  • Image of brand quality
  • Image of experience and reliability
  • Showcasing of product offering

Office branding often scares businesses as there is a perception that it is permanent. That however is not the case. There are various ways in which a business that rents office space can make themselves at home and bring their brand to life within a space.

  • Permanent signage
  • Entrance light fixtures
  • Floor and wall lighting
  • Wall colours
  • Carpeting and carpeting branding
  • Door branding

There is a plethora of office branding solutions to make use of. However the number one box to tick is the office space box. Ensuring that you occupy the right office space for your business, regardless of whether you are renting or buying, will ensure that your office branding stands out and compliments your business.


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