Property Management Services

MASSPROP, a Company within the Brydens Group, manages its own extensive property portfolio, as well as numerous properties owned by other companies, entities and individuals, totalling over a Billion Rands worth of property.

These properties are primarily of the Office and Retail categories.

The focus is to ensure not only the maintenance of the Asset, but to increase the property values.
Offered services cover the full ambit of Property Management, including, inter alia, pro-active maintenance, leasing, rental retrievals and accounting services.

What sets MASSPROP apart from most Property Management companies, is our treatment of people not as numbers, but rather to establish a personal relationship with all of our client base, and as such, we can lay claim to an exceedingly good relationship with all our customers, amongst which we have  counted PG Group, Huge Telecoms, Bidvest, Standard Bank, The Educational Department, Central Energy Fund, Mimecast, Nampak subsidiary, Infiniti Insurance and several major law practices.

The fact that the company is small, and highly focused, in comparison to the large impersonal corporations, translates this simple fact into reality.

Furthermore, it is accepted that the MASSPROP Age Analysis for rentals is amongst the lowest in the Industry. We welcome you contacting us to discuss your needs for Property Management, large or small, and allow MASSPROP to show you the difference we make.

MASSPROP has recently started installing IT based live metering systems which allows Clients to access details of their energy consumption on line at any time.

Ensuring the properties under our management are well maintained and trouble free is the responsibility of Deanne Reid, Deanne Reid has 20 years’ experience in the property industry, having worked in residential and commercial rental and sales, sectional title, property finance and general management.


Deanne is assisted by Ben Molefe, who ably manages the maintenance of the portfolio. Ben has been with MASSPROP since 2008.