Rent office space instead of buying

Sometimes to rent office space for commercial or industrial purposes makes more financial sense especially if you don’t intend on staying there for more than a couple of years. In these unpredictable financial times to rent office space is probably your best and safest bet.

Buying commercial property is not always the best financial choice one could make.

Why renting office space makes sense?

You may not have saved enough money to use as a down payment on a office space, let alone the other costs associated with buying a property like lawyer and transfer fees. If that is the case, then to rent office space is most likely your best option. Renting makes sense for other reasons as well. Here are a few:

  • The freedom to move easily from place to place can benefit you as a business, especially if your target market constantly shifting
  • To rent office space can save you the time, responsibility and costs of maintaining the property
  • You are not responsible for upgrading appliances, modernising a kitchen or bathroom, or replacing a leaking roof etc.
  • You don’t have to pay property taxes and special assessments
  • When you rent office space you avoid the risks that property owners face—losing the money they invested if property prices nose-dive.

Brydens Group is a property development company specialising in commercial, industrial and retail developments. The group provides office suites for rent, built with the environment in mind. All of our buildings are designed to save energy and to reduce a business’s carbon foot print.

Brydens Group has a large portfolio of office space for rental purposes and new office suite developments are underway across the city. With offices everywhere, Brydens Group makes it possible for you to rent office space in the area you wish to operate in.

Brydens Group currently has office space available in the following areas:

Upper Grayston phase III

Upper Grayston Office Park is situated within the heart of the greater Sandton office node and you can expect to move in at the end of 1st Quarter 2012. You can rent office space from this popular development off plan. There are also storerooms available.

Upper Grayston phase ll

Also situated in the core of Sandton’s central business district. You can rent office space here immediately.


Woodmead is a fast developing commercial area with many businesses locating here. The area offers easy access to a number of highways- the N1, the N3 and the M1 interchange. This makes it particularly viable for most businesses. Woodmead also nieghbours Sandton and Midrand.

You can also rent office space here immediately


Coldstream in Roodepoort is a large residential area but many small businesses are quickly popping up to service the communities. The area has well-marked dual-carriage highways which offer excellent transport routes in and out of the area. Brydens Group offers office space to rent in the Coldstream office park.


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