The Future is Green

Green Building

All of BRYPROP’S buildings are now Green Rated to the extent required by clients.

Many businesses across the globe are turning to sustainable (‘green’) buildings not only to cut costs but also to ensure that they are playing their part in the reduction of the carbon footprint. In addition buildings that are constructed utilising sustainable principles are much more user friendly and contribute greatly to increased productivity in the work place.


The Green Building Council of South Africa awards a Green Star rating on the basis of the building’s design. The Green Star rating system rewards building projects for achieving sustainability goals in the categories of: Management, Water, Indoor Environmental Quality, Materials, Energy, Land Use and Ecology, Transport and Emissions.

Bryprop produced the first 5 Star and 6 Star rated commercially viable buildings in South Africa during 2013 and they are continuing with their goal to ensure that all developments in which they are involved are Green Star Rated.

The Green Star Rating system has been established under the auspices of The Green Building Council of South Africa and has been specifically set up to encourage the development of “sustainable” buildings in South Africa.

The meaning of sustainable in this context is explained in more detail in the page on  Upper Grayston Building E

In a nutshell it means that the building is constructed using materials which are either reused from other sources or which have been produced and/or transported to the site in such a way as to minimise both toxic emissions and use of energy.

As an adjunct to this the building is also constructed and configured in such a way that it uses much less energy than other similar buildings and the occupants are guaranteed a more comfortable and therefore more productive environment.

The question is often asked – “Isn’t it more expensive to construct a Green Rated Building?” The answer is a qualified “yes” but the payback time on the additional expenditure is relatively short given the savings in ongoing energy consumption and the increase in productivity for the building occupants.


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