Hot Desking and Co-Working Option

We offer both hot desking and co working options at our Bryanston Branch.

Our hot desking is offered in an open plan seating option. You will share a desk with other like-minded individuals, and rental is on a daily or monthly basis.

Our co working space offers a semi-private option and a dedicated desk that is yours for the duration of your rental. Included in this is a set of lockable drawers that you can leave files or stationary in for your convenience.

All of our desks come included with Wi-Fi and a networking port to ensure you always stay connected to our high speed fibre network.

Complimentary tea and coffee are offered all day to keep your mind fuelled and ready to burn through the work you need to get done.

Need to meet a client? No problem, you get a discount code to use on any of our meeting rooms so you can have your next business meeting in private.

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