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Viscount Road

8 Viscount Road – Bedfordview


Prestigious offices located adjacent to Eastgate shopping centre, with direct access to the N12 highway, and excellent highway exposure.

Modern building complex in sandstone and glass, on a site blessed with wonderful trees, which have been integrated into the design space. Secure, landscaped space. Parking bays at 4.6 per 100m2.

Unit 10, Building C - 8 Viscount Road Office Block

Self-contained offices.
Best Unit in Scheme

  • 203m2
  • First Floor
  • Front door,
  • 21m2 Balcony
  • 5 Basement Parking bays

SALE ONLY - UNIT 10, BLock c

Total: R3 755 000 ex. VAT

Feature/Area Unit Rate
Total Area
R18 500/m2
Basement Parking
5 bays
Tandem Basement Bays
2 bays
Open Parking
2 Bays

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